Specializing in books from the African, Asian, Latin American and Caribbean diasporas. It is home to Canadian and international Hip Hop writers including Dalton Higgins, Maestro Fresh Wes, Motion, Master T, Eklipse, Nelson George, Michael Eric Dyson, and Sister Souljah. It is also home to the Toronto spoken word and the T-dot movements, and hosts regular discussions on Hip Hop. Their collection includes many genres of Hip Hop books and DVDs ranging from academic to young adult. The store can be contacted for suggestions, sourcing, and resource persons.

The AMY Project


The Amy Project stands for Artists Mentoring Youth. It is committed to performance training, creating community, and growing careers for young women in Toronto.

The Cypher Writers’ Collective


A grassroots collective of Toronto poets and hip hop artists who combine their efforts to provide creative writing workshops to young offenders across Toronto. Currently the Cypher Writers’ Collective is working in residences on a weekly basis, encouraging youth to create original poems, stories and song lyrics.

Flemo City Media


Flemo City Media is committed to promoting the best interests of the residents of Flemingdon Park through media training and providing youth with transferable skills that will create opportunities for future success.

Hip Hop Congress


The Hip Hop Congress provides the hip-hop generation with information, tools, and resources for responding to their social, economic, and political conditions, with special attention to creating an educational agenda. There are approximately 70 chapters worldwide.

Lost Lyrics


A Toronto-based mobile and innovative learning community that empowers young people to create a bridge of knowledge between the streets and the classroom. Students define the curriculum and create a positive and reflective self-image while having fun through arts-based education.

Manifesto Community Projects


A Toronto-based non-profit organization working to unite, inspire and empower diverse communities of young people through arts & culture. They aim to provide a platform and the resources needed to advance the growth of the arts as a tool for positive change on the individual, community and city level.

Motion Live


Home of award-winning Canadian emcee/poet, playwright, screenwriter and Hip Hop artist, Motion. Motion is an educator who has a wealth of experience working in schools and communities, facilitating workshops that explore the power and potential of Hip Hop music and culture as a transformational tool.

Parkdale Project Read


A non-profit, community-based literacy program that operates an adult learning centre in the Parkdale community. One of their initiatives is Literacy Through Hip Hop which delivers literacy programming using hip hop culture to youth across the Greater Toronto Area.

The Real Sun


The online base for The Real Sun, an Artist, Educator, Community Builder, and Healer-in-Training with a creative spirit and the soul of a revolutionary, who channels her passion, drive, talent and purpose in life into Art, Education, Healing, and Social Justice. The Real Sun is based in Toronto.

Regent Park Focus


A Youth Media Arts Centre for youth in the Regent Park neighbourhood of Toronto. The organization offers youth free training and mentorship in radio, television and digital arts, giving them the tools to express themselves about the issues of importance in their lives and communities.

The Remix Project


The Remix Project was created in order to help level the playing field for young people from disadvantaged, marginalized and under served communities. Their programs and services serve youth who are trying to enter into the creative industries or further their formal education. The REMIX Project provides top-notch alternative, creative and educational programs, facilitators and facilities. Their mission is to help refine the raw talents of young people from across the Greater Toronto Area in order to help them find success on their own terms.

Scratch Lab DJ Institute


The Scratch Lab DJ Institute offers unique and educational field trips that can be easily catered to your class/school needs. Their workshops emphasize the performance of music at a beginners level, striking a balance between challenge and skill. Student learning includes participating in creative activities and listening perceptively. Their workshops on DJing and turntable techniques provide students with the opportunity to further develop skills in music composition, orchestration, and arrangement through turntables, mixers and various related technologies.

Stay Driven


An assembly-based program that combines speaking with live performances to engage students and deliver a self-empowerment message. Stay Driven is led by Guinness World Record setting rapper and University Graduate, Duane “D.O.” Gibson.

Success Beyond Limits (SBL)


A collaborative, youth-led, community based movement that provides youth with holistic supports to complete their education. SBL aims to improve educational outcomes, expand possibilities, and support youth in the Jane and Finch neighbourhood with their individual paths to success. In partnership with the TDSB, SBL operates a youth space out of Westview Centennial Secondary throughout the school day and a 6-week summer program for Grade 8 students, preparing them to transition into high school.

The Temple of Hip Hop


The Temple of Hip Hop was founded by KRS-ONE and protects, preserves and promotes hip-hop as a strategy toward health, love, awareness, and wealth.

U For Change


U For Change aims to inspire new Canadian and low-income youth living in and around St. James Town (Toronto) by giving them support and resources for pursuing higher education, volunteering, job shadowing and/or employment opportunities. They connect youth with professionals, artists, and community leaders who help them to use the arts as a vehicle for economic, cultural and social change.

The Universal Zulu Nation


Founded by the ‘Godfather of Hip Hop,’ Afrika Bambaataa, it has been educating people for decades about Hip Hop and its core principles of Peace, Unity, Love and having Fun. The organization has chapters throughout the United States, as well as members that live and operate in Canada.

The University of Hip Hop


Providing a useful model for educators seeking to implement hip-hop education programs in their schools or communities.

Urban Rez Solutions and REAL School


Dedicated to creating sustainable opportunities for youth to build on pro-social behaviours and professional interest-based learning as a means of achieving success. Urban Rez Solutions and REAL School train youth in conflict management and other evidence-based youth engagement strategies to support them in navigating through some of life’s challenges.